For Teachers Who Use the
TERC Math Curriculum in their Schools

Welcome to Mr. Fier's
New York City Elementary School Teachers'
Resource Pages for Using
The Technology Portion of the TERC Math Curriculum.

These pages are for anyone who uses the TERC math curriculum in their school.
Did you know that there is at least one unit for grades Kindergarten through 5th-Grade that has a computer component you can add to your TERC classroom work?
Come explore how the technology component of TERC can help augment the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space that you do in your classroom math studies.
I have created a series of pages on the web that are meant to help any teacher, whether 1st of 50th year, whether technology savvy or novice, discover the wonderful uses of the technology component of this math curriculum.

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1) What is TERC / Investigations?
If you want
information about TERC and the Investigation in Number, Data, and Space curriculum, start here.
2) Computer Component of TERC
If you want an overview of the Computer Component of TERC you can start here.
3) Computer Lessons by Grade Level.
Look here to find a description of computer lessons at each grade level.
4) Examples of Student Work
Take a look here to see examples of the kind of work students can produce as they use the software component.

5) Web Resources for Investigations, Math, and Computers / Technology.
You can go to this page for links to web sites that will help you go even further in your TERC and elementary math studies.

6) Assessment: How to Know that the Students are Learning.
This page discusses how to assess the learning going on in the computer component of TERC / Investigations.

Technology is a tool.
The more you learn about it,
the better it will serve you.

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