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Though the TERC web site, is large, it is easily accessible for information about what their learning philosophy, their history, and what projects they are currently involved in.
If you are working in Region 9 of the NYC DoE there are often many professional development opportunities, both with Technology and TERC / Investigations Curriculum. Go to the Region 9 Training Calendar at for dates and descriptions of events.
Look here for more specific information at the TERC web site on how TERC is involved in the Curriculum: Investigations in Number Data and Space.
To find information about Scott Foresman the company that publishes the Investigations in Number Data and Space, curriculum, go to Scott Foresman's web site at
If your school is already using the TERC / Investigations Curriculum you can download the software that goes with it including any updates by going to Scoot Foresman's downloads site at
At The National Standards for Mathematics you can find lots of good resources, particularly for supporting the use of the Investigations curriculum in your school.

When you are using the Logo portion of the Investigation software you may find you want to go further in your Logo exploration. Here are a couple of sites you might try.
One of the most complete logo software programs, and the one used by the creator of the Logo Language, Seymour Papert is MicroWorlds. You can find information about the software at
The Logo Foundation is a great site for information on Logo and the TERC constructivist philosophy of learning. Just go to
Terrapin Logo is another choice of software to program in Logo. There site is informative at

For the New York Area, Vision Education offers a number of services in the area of staff development adhering to the Papert / Logo philosophy of education, just go to to look at what they have to offer.
The National Standards for Technology is available through the International Society for Technology in Education. The web site is will give you resources to connect your lessons with Technology Standards.
Illuminations is a web site presented by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, NCTM, on resources to improve mathematics in education and is directly connected to TERC Math and Geo-Logo. Go to to see more information.
The best place to find Math Standards to link to your Investigations work would be which is the New York State government site for State Math Standards.
If you are looking to go even deeper into your constructivist exploration of math topics go to Math Cats at which is a great site for fun math investigation using technology.
I'm saving this spot for the first person to e-mail me with a great logo web-site that I haven't mentioned.
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