About This Web Site

Though up and running, (as in all educational endeavors) I see this web site as a work in process, and hope if you discover any errors that you will contact me at NRubinf@nycboe.net or Nick@Fierworks.net so that I can better communicate my message. Do understand, I don't just preach my four rules, I live by them, especially number three, that is to say if you can't find a mistake in these pages you haven't looked hard enough.

This site began when I took part in the New York City's Board of Educations division of OIT, Office of Instructional Technology's 2002 Summer Institute on creating web pages that present teachable practices. Now six years later I have completely redone the site as part of my work towards a Masters in Education and Technology at Touro College here in New York City. To get it on the Internet I am curently hosting the site under my home website, www.fierworks.net

Thank you for going to this site. If you would like to contact me try either at my NYC Department of Education e-mail, nrubinf@nycboe.net or at my Fierworks email at Nick@Fierworks.net

Nick Rubinfier
New York City