Veronique San Leandro is a Spaniard born in France. Daughter of children from the Spanish Civil War. A Woman looking for meaning, understanding and joy among the insanity of this world. In her journey she drank from many sources. Around the year 1999 she found through painting a medium to express her journey. Art then became a tool for self-exploration and growth.

Red and Blues Series (2002) is my second series of abstract paintings where form gets more and more subtly erased. Intensity of color becomes the teller of the story. This series correspond to an exploration of my always present interest: multi-dimensionality (Who and What are we). Ultramarine blue and Red were the only two colors I was able to use during this period.

Passion in Different Keys (2003) Abstraction and color are the essence of my work. In this series I am exploring new formal languajes (relationships of rectangles, lines, free floating forms, like a combination of lenses conveying feelings.

Within the Darkness (2001 - 2003) I call this period my barroque period. It is formally abstract work. The mood was very dense and dark. I painted through J.S. Bach's chello suites.

Within the Light (2002 - 2003) In this period I was finally able to literally leave the darkness behind and bathe in an oasis of light hues. The canvases became vast spaces filled with delicate light pinks, greens, goldens. It felt like experiencing Vivaldi's Four Seasons, very powerful movement.

The Horizon (2004) In this series the red and violet landscapes reach a momentum of in-tense connection to something-else that we don't usually see, and its expression is brutal and totally harmonious.

Early Works (Pre-2001) The Curvature of Emotional Truth is the title for my first series of abstract paintings. Hard-edge, curvilinear forms, flat striking colors. Some of the images were first computer generated and later transformed into acrylic paintings on canvas: 40"X30" all. They were executed during intense emotional process work, from which time my computer files carry a long repertoire of images still waiting to take, one day maybe, their form on canvas.

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