Veronique San Leandro (ex-convict)
Informed by:
being a Spaniard born in France
in February of 1961 when The Photon Band was first spotted by satellite
a number 9 last stage
with the moon at 28 degrees of Pisces
traveled the world from Africa to China to…
a new Yorker since 1989
studied Psychology
then Spanish and Latin-American literature
then Eastern Medicine
then Carlos Castaneda, the Yaqui Indians and Krishnamurti
now: A Course In Miracles
a painter and a teacher
a love for transcendence and the DNA
for the idea of a holographic universe
and the Heisenberg Principle
smoking a cigarette while contemplating
a dark starry night in isolated nature
with myself, my love or a loved one
movie: Casablanca
poets: Rumi, Giannina Braschi
landscape: Les Gorges du Toldra
painter: Rothko
fascination: The Orient
big boats and ports: old Marseille
drink: coffee
food: chocolate
passion: thinking
singers: Lou Reed, Piaf, southern blues and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
The prison doors are wide opened…

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