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         VERONIQUE SAN LEANDRO: A Retrospective
                     “Though No One Understands It”

y en el mundo, en conclusion, and, to sum up, in this world
todos sueñan lo que son, all man merely dream what they are,
aunque ninguno lo entiende, though no one understands it.

During my first trip to America (July 1989), prior to flying to New York, I was on the train from Barcelona to Madrid. As the train carried me to my physical destination, my mind wandered as well, bringing me to a dream. In that dream, I was on a boat in a big bluish cabin, having dinner with the family of my fiancé (current ex). His father, whom I had only heard about, rose, and as a welcoming sign, started to recite a few verses from La vida es sueño (Life is a Dream) by the Spanish playwright Calderón de la Barca.

Many dreams and years later, I found myself immobilized by the words recited in that dream, which manifested themselves figuratively and metaphorically, as a hand forcibly pushing me down and as a faraway voice, impossible to escape, repeating:

         “aunque ninguno lo entiende, aunque ninguno lo entiende,”
         (“though no one understands it, though no one understands it.”)

Something was there to be realized and I had no choice but to embrace it.
Eighteen is the number of years it has taken me to hear the voice emerge from those words. Nine of those years have carried me down the road of painting. And that is what this retrospective of my artwork is presenting:
That which I was hardly able to see or hear, but could no longer ignore.

My medium is mostly acrylic on canvas. I use different languages in the tradition of Abstraction loosely grouped into a few of the series I have posted on my web site: Works: All the Series of Works

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, June 14th from 5pm to 8pm
The STUDIO will be OPEN: Friday, June 15th and Saturday, June 16th from 12pm to 7pm
I will be in THE STUDIO by appointment until the end of June.