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We invite you to view the emotionally engaging paintings of Veronique San Leandro in SIMPLY PASSION. San Leandro is known for her diverse array of styles and strength in color in a wide range of sizes.  This exclusive event marks the first time San Leandro’s series of works will be exhibited together resulting in what may appear to be a group show.  Although minimalistic in spirit, San Leandro’s painting has shifted from a palette of deep reds and striking blacks that command attention to that of amorphous forms in gorgeous jewels tones that create a feeling of serenity and joy.  San Leandro also has a strong command of space and form reminiscent of both Turner and Mondrian in an assortment of canvas sizes making her work a point of interest in any room without distracting or interrupting.  

Manhattan based, Veronique San Leandro was born in France and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Through many years of world traveling and education in subjects ranging from Spanish Literature to Psychology, San Leandro has been able to fully develop her work using different artistic genres. 

December 13 – December 15, 2007
11am – 6pm and by appointment (646) 436 3365
RECEPTION: Thursday, December 13, 2007  6pm – 9pm

526 West 26th St. Suite 511  New York, NY 10001