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The Ideals of the New Democratic Republic
Why is our system so corrupt?
What should motivate our elected party officials?
What is more important?
Some solutions to the ills that encompass American politics are simple:

1) Cut the salaries of all politicians in half. Make all raises dependent on a vote of the people. The job of running our government was never meant to be a profit making venture. That sacrifice is part of its nature must be kept to. Those who work in government work long hours, sacrifice their home lives, but the idea that this should be compensated for by funds of a grandiose nature is destructive to the democratic ideal.

2) Cap the amount you can spend on elections. Make a part of that expenditure a publication of what an individual running for office stands for, what s/he is running for reelection s/he as previously voted for, and what economic alliances they have.

3) Force all bills that cannot be agreed upon back to the people.

4) Make the issues that each member of the government has control over clear, and limit it to those issues.

5) Require that each bill that goes through the central government be a single issue. End all piggyback of other issues onto bills being passed.

6) Make the preservation of the environment as important as the preservation of our military.

7) Recreate a military that spends its peacetime work rebuilding the infrastructure of our country.

8) End the electoral college. Popular vote must decide all elections.