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Why did we go to war with Iraqi?

Well Jake, before our first attack the President and his ministers said that there were two reasons we needed to attack Iraqi now. First that Iraqi had not disarmed, as they were required to do after the Gulf war, and that some of the weapons they were hiding were weapons of mass destruction, like nuclear and chemical ones. These kinds of weapons were a direct threat to us. Second that since we had been attacked by Al Qaeda on September 11th we had the right to attack any nation that was part of the Al Qaeda axis of evil.

But we’ve now conquered / liberated Iraqi and we’ve found no weapons of mass destruction, and we’ve found no organized Al Qaeda forces within the country are we saying that we were in the wrong for invading Iraqi?

No Jake. But there’s a reason for that. You see the leader of Iraqi was a monster. A modern day Hitler or Stalin, in fact both these men were hero’s of his. So the leaders of the American government are saying that liberating Iraqi was necessary, to free the Iraqi people from a tyrant and someone who was against the United States.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the U.S. attacked Iraqi without being attacked first or without even the threat of attack anytime in the immediate future?

No that’s true, the reason’s the U.S. said it had a right to attack Iraqi has not played out. We have invaded a country because of a perceived threat.