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Thanksgiving without the Feast

I received myself a present
A gift I could not repay
Coming unexpected on this
Blistery winterous day

The gift did not come wrapped
Or with a fancy bow
It did not come with any greetings
That a giver might choose to show

In fact the giver anonymous
Though I think the giver me
Gave no indication why it came today
Only that it came without a fee

For here the gift so unique
Actually did not exist
For this gift, the gift of silence
For me, t’was a gift of bliss

No thoughts of work to hurry too
No thoughts of bills to pay
No pained inside my shoulder
No ache of the day to day.

No voices of the choices
The choices I should make
The places I should be off to
The enthusiasm I should fake

This gift was truly golden
It gave, asked nothing in return
Like my love wrapped in my arms
It gave me no concern.

So now inside this quiet
This place of pure release
I kiss my love and tell her
Let’s share this perfect peace.