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She Kissed Me

I came for a walk on the promenade
And there she kissed me
Full on the lips
Wave on wave of brilliant endless color
Filling me in every
Corner of my cobwebbed soul
Her beacon sweeping the horizon
Generous and ungentle light
Till my eyes watered in the pain and pleasure
Of this reawakening.
We walked arm in arm
Stopping from time to time to
Sudden embraces
Cold and moist slippery hands
Warm and generous parade inside
The sound in rhythm what perfect sway
Through time past future present.
Oh what could come even close to this
So much the searching
So much the lost endeavors for the sweep
Of something untouched and yet eternal
Or to hide behind a breath of wind or light
To have forgotten
It lasts as long as it is overlooked

One should be used to the coming and going
From every conscious moment and even
In dreams so full, this theater played upon me
With eyes open or closed
Sets moving over this old and gnarled stage
The veil of this or that curtain drawn up and down
Whether it be our stage
A play of it we indeed have made
Or the stage of others
We finding ourselves pressing
To find our way in or out of another seat
No we are never used to the coming or going
Nervous and unsettled, no place for being idle
No train and station without a thousand miles of track
A schedule to keep, and bags, so much baggage
To move from town to town and
Endeared more than the places we’ve
Passed through, the plays we’ve staged
She would laugh at me now
That kiss I have so long remembered
That gift given and with no thought and
All the thought in the world
Which she has forgotten in that
Perfect way of only knowing what is
We’re never coming close to this but only
Hope that when I come to walk that promenade
We will meet with that same gruff
Clarity so pitched in every place I pray
Will give me once again my