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To the Road

I was with my passengers
My companions all on a voyage
Our destination a mixture of the lines
Of our map and a
Day without intent.
And I, carried away as the fleeting feet of time will
Came to ponder for us which journey is greater
For we have stopped ourselves to put the wind in our face
For when we arrive we will come to no end at all
For even if we came to our end the journey would continue
And there will be no place to stop
That can truly show us
A way to return to what once was
Or arrive at what we might hope to find
We are no more stilled at any one point than the stars
Or the seedling in the wind of blossoming spring
Still today we belong to another breed
We are not thinkers, we are travelers on to our destination.
Travel on
Past the knee-high free grass
A wave, a weave, a bloom and sun
Past sea gull and sandpiper along the ocean line
Tan, blue, green, caresses with snow white crest
Past roadside tavern next to a bell-shaped pine
Praying to the great intent
With golden budding fingers pointed

And inside the waiting warmth of strangers
That which is everything for our ever onward quest
For could we go one inch more if we had not hope
That there was mettle to our end
The wheel will spin
A few we will meet and others
We may catch their glance instant and infinite
For passengers
We are all great and the greater for it.