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The Park

I came to you thinking too much
The thoughts that every man is an island
Only dreaming this soul a kin to all souls
And sure it took two souls to know the peace
Relying on the deceit of personality

I came to you afraid
Afraid of pleasure
And of pain
Afraid of mortality
And immortality
Afraid of lies
And truth
But never afraid of being found

I came to you and am met like royalty
A blue of the kings
And a green of the gods

I came to you with only words
And found I shared your joyous sound
Inside me
Found the child was not entirely lost
But playing the child's game
Of hiding
In the recess of my mind

I came to you
A desert without a cloud or sea
A shell without the life inside

I came to you with eyes burnt shut
And still you showed me

I came to you
To find paradise hiding
In the decaying genitals of
This maternal Spring
On this our Earth
Still alive
Central Park
One Monday afternoon.