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I wonder what’s next
So much time spent in the same pursuits
Put on like blinders
And in our stupor
So much thought given to what might come
Instead of such a jewel
This moment
So badly left for something we may never get.
What joyousness if we could find clear water
Like nature does
Not pulled or pushed
And without regret in all endeavors

If it be morning
Be Joyous

If it be night of even feared and everlasting
Be Joyous

If it be the chaos of a moment's passion
Be Joyous

If it be the air still and claustrophobic thunderous and endless
Be Joyous

If it be Spring, green, untendered, unharnessed, change in purity
Be Joyous

If it be Summer, and long, a stillness golden at the tops of tall weald
Be Joyous

If it be Fall, and ocher, the soil which we planted and all will know in its time
Be Joyous

If it be Winter
Be Joyous

Change will come and I cannot help but wonder
For it may be the curse and retribution of all humankind
That one eye will ever seek the shores, just out of reach.
But as I look, today at least I will not linger,
On world I have yet to affect and have effect upon
For here in this moment is a message I hear
And I sing it …
Be Joyous