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Mee Bar

Mee bar
Mee lass
Sweet angel-edged tempered oak
Which sets to count you every grain
For it teak us through the line a livin'
Rosary beads of alcohol, paid for a given
Music sips and the teacups cracked
Lined up and out of sight
Floating through the restlessness
Outside of it in the moonlit night

Mee bar
Mee heart
Of rooms in laughter and pick
Up lines in flight
With a girl whose teeth are phosphorescent
Reflecting blue glass with a smokey
Dripping hollow yellow hue
Brought smokey mist from the ceiling down
As if on a sullen playwright’s cue

Mee bar
Mee tale to tell
Under a canvas of ruby cadmium
A blossom into the moment
Green turns into irises of
Blank white dilapidated hurt
To hear the things forgotten here
Which wash your lost and anger
With the hearth we’ve stoked
As close as a thousand tales will pass
Were we grains of sand in a shore
Or the water that calls the mountain
Bent down to the sea
A place to be lost and forgiven yet

Mee Bar
Mee love
Pressed to each other with
Some sort of hidden meaning
Her scarf its silken touch
Gives hope to this lost and withered
Oh I could only wish to tell her but
All that’s there to see is an orb of pearl
Pressed in the lobe of her ear
It’s mine forever, and yet
Could I ever forget the
Illusion is in the soul of this loved
Place in which we’ve never met.

Mee bar
Mee lass
You warm me to my bone
How you got so close to me
Well that I’ll never know
But here we are together
And I wish we’d never part
Mee bar
Mee lass
Drawn like the northern star
Bless us and our thoughts of glass.