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Forgive Me Not

Coming and going without a worry
Living off the fatted cafe
For this life is paid for
A thousand lives before
And a thousand now and more
Their nothingness is in their forever
We both know what never ends
We call it not, but know it in everything,
I the given too
My table set with the riches of
Manmade wares
And they the takers
With nothing on their tables but
The heartache of wanting
Of what they do not have
The world is angry at them
“Selfish child”
They ashamed, for stealing our
Pain and sufferings so we have none
And may be given
More, and happy to be so without

Someone takes care of me
At checkout stands
In launderettes
At gas stations
In a thousand restaurants
What I need, I always get
What I want is never met
For everywhere we go,
There’s someone there to show
Us something more for the taking
Something more for us to want
I die here tomorrow but on my lips
The phrase “I want it”
And not a thank you for the gift
Given without a quest

In front of me the trees are tall
Oak or cedar I cannot say
I only know them as Great and Green
And to give myself a penny for my thoughts
I love them more than all the things I’ve got
What beauty and what majesty
What habitats of a better reality
They are my love, my hope, my dream
Still when I travel back to city shore
They’ll be forgotten just as quick as
All that’s loved
In a way we never realize it's lost

Back among the concrete thickets
Large and dull
And steel girder canyons
Hollowed out
A million minions in cubicles of
Styrofoam consequence are
Calculating the cost
It takes to make it all disappear
With such a power and desire
That the profit will make children blush
Leaving those without another bauble
A stain we made, but they will have
To wash and this will not wash out
And sadly as they blame themselves
We’ll smile at our plates so full
Without a thought for it maybe yet
The last meal on this table set.