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Bible Belt

We have begun to descend
Checkerboard squares of green, gold, and browns
Cut on long wandering diagonals
Pulses of blue-green dreams
Those that have tilled have put more into the land
Then seed, water, and the till.
So that which they plant sings up into and through me
Above God enwrapped this gem
For every living thing
Has voice
Each to reflect
The pure affection
Of the undaunted
True gifts of inspired
Created love
Sweet unending
Gospel choir
A hymn of our creation.
Never silent
Roll through blessed thunder
Even to the most weary
Pure of heart to
Lost and languid
The unintended.

Soon I will be bound to it once again
But not before
In Heaven's embrace
This heartland will baptize me
In canticle,
Only God can whisper with brilliance,
To praise in one wave all present past and future still
For All and it can be Inside me
As if it were only me
For infinity
This hymn
To announce when we are anywhere
We may be Home