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A Just Away

Just burn me and
Throw away what’s left
Don’t put me in a plot to rot
Not in a spot where I can be found
Or sought
I don’t need money spent
On my remains
They’re only bones I’m not at home
Though for a moment the idea of a
Grassy knoll
Has an appeal, don’t let it take you
I’d much rather be left to the wind
Or swept away in bending deep green sea

And for god's sake whatever you might do
Don’t say a prayer
My life was good, I got my share
Much more than most
For whom we should care
If you think you could go help them do
They’re still alive, they could make it through
Me I’m dead!
Don’t you get it yet?
I won’t be back next week or even after that
I’m dead, so long, and yes perhaps there are
A few regrets
A word or two yet to write,
A kiss, a wisp of wind to hold me tight
They mean so little compared to what you’ve got
We all get one, and only just one shot

So don’t play Muzak, or even shed a tear
Unless it’s but to comfort your own fear
We all have when it gets this near
I’m past the pain, it’s you I worry for my dear
I’m dead, and even if it may seem wrong
I’m dead, I’ve left the building, I’m really gone.
You can’t bring me back, even if the grief is great
If I were there I’d say let’s celebrate
Let’s take this as an ominous sign
And lift our glass of beer or wine
Let’s revel in life, let’s drink it up
Fill up the cup with love and hope and trust
Turn to the person next to you and say
“He’s gone it’s true, but we’re still here today!”

Let’s push back that blackened cloak
Which has found our friend
Let’s kiss a sunset sky in its many shade and hue
Paint, write, create till the dream we shared is forever new
Look I’m dead, I’m dead
D.E.A.D., dead
There’s really nothing more that need be said
You’re alive, I hope you see that now
Both our bodies are but shells
But you have a choice yet to use yours well
Give me not a second thought
Instead let linger what good can yet be sought
And if you smile and if you laugh, instead of pain and tears
Then you’ve done the best for me,
For there is no more rest of me
Only you remain of what was the best of me.