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Those Three Words


I used to think that love was It
Oh but the way you spoke of us
Telling me when I said Those Three Words
That love wasn't enough
I saw my children’s broken hopes
Choke the breath of trust
It took so long to coax

I used to think that love was It.
What a child, and never grown up
To think that if you too said
Those Three Words
It would somehow mend
All the changes, the brakes
Make the bends something
We'd be ready for.

I used to think that love was It.
But you had a lesson to teach
And now I no longer keep the dream
Instead I keep the kiss
Love does not answer all you seek
Love is only just a seed
Defenseless, raw and crushed so easily
And if it has not the soil to sow.
And if it has not the water to grow,
And if it has not the sun or shade
And if a bird does not pluck it from the dirt
Or a snail does not find it a good dessert
And even though this seed can bleed
Even that’s not enough
Because you know that love is not everything
Love can feel like heaven but love can
Also take you to the depths of hell
But love’s not really either, or both, or all
Love’s just love
Sometimes it conquers
Here it fell.