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The Play

It's a Mystery

I Have Forgotten You
But Our Shadow Remains

When I fell down in pasture
The color of forgotten asphalt
My dreams misgiven but
Not like a thief
I wish I had told you but
You’d have probably laughed
Made me want that laugh,
While hating myself for it.

You, calling out my name
As if there was no point to it
Now I wish I could have heard,
I would have, as I should have
Slipped away,
Better to pretend than to
Spend my days trying to
Follow the weave
Not that I know any better
Not that I now have any
Sight but retrospect
But I could have had
At least the pain
I would give you money now
To at least hang on to those first
Few days of pain that like
A broken ship
Did sink me
Something to remember
Something to hold on to
Some part of you
Even some part of
Me that I had when we were two.

What I would give to reach out and
Have the shadow
Be flesh again.