I pass by so many
It is as if they required by the city
Ordinance #36549, no city street
Shall go more than a block
Without two lovers intertwined
All figures to be doubled in Spring.
To be kept to more fervently than attempts to cure the
Growth of raggedness which in us seeps
And sure as I pass them
They are shortly followed by that face
That fire
As if it were her and not the sun
That gave up this pastel sky before dusk
Her fifteen minutes of fame
Sewn into the seams of her jeans
And the sweet transparent pockets
In her tee-shirt
Either arrest me for these thoughts
Or let me be
For even this fire does not hold
Until I think it might have been you
I think how I sat
By a reflecting pond
With coin in hand
And knew what I should ask for us
Knew we were soul mates
Knew that belief was enough
Knew that it required nothing but everything
Knew just by letting go ...
But no
But kept the coin
And let my soul sink
In the well of my pocket
Instead of let the pool of wishes
Sink into me.