A Nothingnesss of Wrong

I feel unearthed
Coated in my regrets
And the candy coated coloredness of your good-byes
Surely I will never float in this sea again
As your kiss still sounds inside me
Echoes that break
On the crumbing front
The storm stronger with every step
A weight of unbearable cost
If I could find anger I think I might survive
I might give it a direction
But how can I find anger when you are still
So much a part of me
Coming at me from every direction
New as day that follows day
As deep as a lifetime of missteps
What does your riddle mean
If only it made belief to say the words
If only nothing wrong made everything right
I would break everything.
For even God could not imagine
The cruealty of
Gifts given
Life saved with a breath
And then
As if it were a mistake
By the love I thought would save me.