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Something’s There

Your breath is to me the sound of the waves
Gentle out of sight, the dark of the night
Or over that one last dune,
The tall windswept grass bantering back
In the synchronized rhythm that can’t be separated
From a distance.

I think of it before I fall to sleep
Or in that space in the middle of the day
Where the world rush on, but for a second I am
An island in my own mind so that the
Moment wash away, and the color is wet and
Undefined unless you step back.

What is it I know, but can not say
Is it that the moon, risen in the bright of day
Full to remind me of the lace beneath your dress
Or that the sound of one hand, is this caresses
Which puts away the pain on a troubled brow
Lets me sit on the dock of the days and
Dangle my feet into the water of the world with the
Passion building in sways, this
Peace makes me forget the word regret
And the other word “Yet ...”
Wonder is righteous in this new place
For it only takes that gift of brushing you
Against my senses
To walk away from the past pretenses
Find myself steps from this beach
Where there is no more questions and the
Haze is long burned away
Nor does it matter if night or day
For I only need to catch the
Slightest sip of that sound,
Your breath
So to find myself received.