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Blossoms on Silver Rails

She wasn’t missing till I sat here
Unapparent appearance
Introductions without thought
Dance to the
Sound of strangers going outside
By tiptoeing in
And when I try and see it
My irises contract
Till the waters of my soul
With the moon full
And storm so long in coming
Pound the breath of logic
Did I ever simply feel
Did I ever forget myself so completely
I must have been a child once
I must have one inside me
Without thinking
Rings of silver
And the gem at your ear
These are all my envy
For I ache to be so swayed
To find that bridge across this
Blessed precipice
To the touch
And a wind when the skies were hopeful
Would you drop this thought of love into
A loveless beggar’s cup
Your smile slipping between
Honesty, faithfulness and innocence
Breathing blossoms of
Pearl in the bosom of a gifted flower.
Making me dream
Of life once again.