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One Night

It came without warning
Though the air knew
And the wind carried a hint of it

So I dressed and the clothes I put on
As if she had fit them
Made the wait at the
Bar slip off without its usual hesitation
When she arrived, late but fit
With smile that stilled the world so I
Forgot my own name and hers
And had to wait till waited on to start time again.

Later as we walked that lead us to that
Summer casualness
That gets you to places
Not shown on maps
And one can only get there
Without warning
She leaned over
To tell me everything.
A kiss that was the words
That God had taught her.

The night wandered us
Down streets for only the few
Who whispered hopeful city night
A garden there
Accordions and Kurt Wiell
A red sky
A lover’s revelry

Where she has gone, or what
Those moments meant
In passion or never spoken
No one on our island
Would say in walks on walks to come
But forget that night
No one ever could
Where we, everyone
Settled into the city's memory.
We were woven
Upon each other
So she fit me.