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Looking out the window of our car
Rolling down from country on towards town
I see the day in front of us
A yellow volkswagen thinking about
Where to pull over
And night in the rearview mirror
The black and silver lorry with
A dazzling of colored lights
Stepping on its air brakes
She is driving with that happiness of
Having her car and her man
I am
But hers also a sadness in watching the country
Roll over the hills behind us
I can feel her thoughts like the
Lines of squinted eyes
I know I am in love with her
For I would do anything to bring a gentle peace
So I asked her to the side of the road
And at that next turn off we went
Under a thousand perfumed blossoms
Watching the little yellow volkswagen slip out of view
And the black lorry turn on its lamps
In the awning of ruby orange and purplish hue
Somewhere in the netherlands
Between the woods and city streets
Between dazzling day and pitch of night
We pulled into each other with memory
Of day so bright and the creation we were
Making, sable and unformed but as sweet
With a dream's delight.