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A nothingness
Wave over wave upon me
Exposing a bedrock of disappointment
A soft murmur of self indulgence
And a pebble of regret
Rolled back into the sea

She is both violent and tender
Has left upon this empty shore
Drifting words of absolution
A shell of sympathy
A magic aqua dream that starts as an
Almost unnoticed breath and begins to build

I look over at her now as the
Thoughts of the tempest
Warm and sickly darkened flowering deluge
Take hold
Poisoning the entirety of one lost boy's wandering heart
As Moses to the Nile
A drop of lust to turn a whole sea to blood
Who is the captain, sea or the sailor
That has brought this craft to tight along a rocky shore
Too late to curse the gods
Whose twisted path of destiny
Speak of all things unmapped and unsure.
My head is tilted to the Sirens' sway
Ready to trade but all for this single glance you cast
And hope that I might forever know
The baptism of this new shore.